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Is Australia on your
bucket list?

It was for us, a typical Aussie family who dared to dream big.

  • Family photo infront of Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia
    Lee family at Uluru
    Kristen, Steve, Eliza and Emelia

As a couple of avid adventurers who loved nothing more than getting into our car and exploring the great outdoors, a ‘big lap’ of Australia was a dream that always appealed to us. Looking back, we can still remember the excitement of the day we decided to drive around Australia, shortly followed by the overwhelming question of ‘Where exactly are we going?’

Over the following days and weeks, we came to realise that creating our ‘dream itinerary’ for our lap of Australia was a massive task involving countless hours researching books, websites, blogs and social platforms. Wading through what seemed like an eternity of content to find those magical places that would make the journey worthwhile.

Luckily Kristen, a primary school teacher, is quite the researcher. In fact, if researching was an Olympic sport, we reckon she’d be in the running for a medal. Combined with Steve’s talents as a web designer, it wasn’t long before the challenge was set…


Uncover Australia’s best destinations & free experiences


Get out there and see it all!


Build the resource we wish we had when we decided to see Australia

We did it all and created some amazing memories along the way

Our research continued on the road with every tourist information centre, local and traveller in the know pinned down to the ground (okay, maybe not) to make sure we were on the right track. After two years on the road, we look back now and wonder how we did it all with very young kids in tow. Having said that, we’d do it all again in a heartbeat… Australia is awesome!

The destinations and free things to see and do on this website have been based purely on the following:

  • Is it free to enter (excluding national park and wilderness park passes)
  • Is it a standout attraction with genuine wow factor
  • Is it achievable by most without the need for specialised equipment
  • Is it in an area that has other awe-inspiring free things to see and do, making it a worthwhile destination for travellers

We’ll always remember our epic adventure

Now it’s your turn!

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